Welcome to Love Manteca!  We are so excited that you are checking in for information for October 3rd!  That morning will be about citizens showing love for the city of Manteca.  Come join us!   We’ve arranged projects to serve our community during these challenging days.  Our community is experiencing a pivotal place in history, and by demonstrating love in our city we intend to encourage one another as we engage with each other.  We are choosing to Love Manteca, and we hope you will join thousands of others across the valley doing the same! You can go to the Manteca Bulletin here to learn more about this community-wide event.

Click on the "Volunteer" button to see all of the October 3rd projects being offered. For each project, you will see a description, time, and project location (and all of our projects should end before noon).

Click on the "Sponsor" or "Donate" button if you can support our efforts to bring our community together to Love Manteca.

To keep everyone safe, we will not be holding a rally before going to our projects (but we are very hopeful to be able to do so again for Love Manteca on April 24, 2021).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us.




Love Manteca October 3, 2020

 Manteca, CA 95336

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